How to Increase the Size of the Penis Quickly and Permanently With Hand Exercises

The fact is that your penis can be naturally enlarged and the gains that you can potentially make can be up to 3 inches. Natural hand exercises are the best method available and they are proven to work by medical research. So forget about all the pills and pumps and start making your penis bigger with the only method that really works – Penis hand exercises.

How to increase the size of the penis

Penis exercises consist of various stretching and jelqing exercises. What these exercises do, is help brake down the penis tissue cells. When the right stimulation is applied to the penis, then it responds by building new cells, to replace the old cells, which were unable to handle the stimulation. It takes around 24-48 hours for the new cells to grow back. Of course if you are starting out then the changes are microscopic and noticeable for the naked eye. But after 2-3 weeks you could already see gains in size. There have been men who have been able to add 1 inch in size in one month or less.

How much you can gain and quickly you can increase the size of the penis, depend on a couple of factors. The foundation to your gains come from quality exercises. There are a large amount of exercise programs online and they are far from equal. Some are really disappointing and don’t really give the information you need, while others are fantastic and have plenty of useful routines and even instruction videos.

Some men simply respond incredible well to hand exercises and makes gains very quickly, while others make gains more slowly, but they do make gains. Genetics do play some role, when it comes to penis gains. The last very important factor, is how well you can follow the exercise routines. The fact is that results don’t come overnight and if you are not consistent with your efforts and exercise 4-5 times a week, then you will not get good results.

Penis enlargement exercises are the best way to increase the size of the penis, if everything is done correctly of course. Who really knows how much length and girth gains you can really make. Maybe you can gain 3 inches in 3 months and maybe you can 1 inch in 6 months, it is very hard to tell. But even gaining 1 inch in 6 months is certainly worth the effort and there are a large number of men, who are very happy with these gains. But one thing is for sure, if you don’t try it, you won’t gain anything at all.

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